La Gonave Haiti Partners

It's incredible how far a single dollar, even pennies goes with this organization.

La Gonave Haiti Partners is primarily an all volunteer organization that partners with ten local communities throughout the island in developing a medical center, mobile health clinics, children's nutrition program, micro-finance, agricultural and livestock enhancement, clean water, cisterns, latrines, support for school lunches, teacher salaries and adult literacy.

Childspring International

This organization helps children get access to much needed surgeries that wouldn't otherwise have a chance to get.
This is all through coordinated efforts of the organization, physicians, hospitals, and host families include.
Cleft lips and palates, club feet, hernia repairs and heart defects.
Many are now done in-country rather than the U.S. as facilities and medical care have improved.  This is much more cost effective, supports the local  economies, and prevents the separation of a child from his or her family.